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Firefox sidebar RSS reader like Lotus Notes 8?

I’m wondering if anyone out there in the blogsphere knows a firefox plugin that will allow RSS results from various blogs to show up in the Firefox sidebar similar to how you can configure the Lotus Notes 8 client to do so.

I really love this feature about Lotus Notes 8, and when not using the client on a regular basis, miss the feature.

I find it too tedious to continue open a stand alone RSS reader, or view the RSS toolbar at the top of firefox, thus miss alot of good posts out there. If there was a sidebar, I could just open and leave open, I would be more susceptible to seeing content.

8.5 taught me: Insert Key toggles unread marks.

I have forever used Edit\Unread Marks\Mark Selected Unread when going through my email.

Today, I tried this on my 8.5 client, and noticed that there were the word “Insert” next to both Mark selected read and Mark selected Unread. Awesome shortcut!


What’s more is that this works in 7.03 as well, and I’m guessing probably every Notes release for a long time. The 7.03 client does not have the “Insert” helper next to the menu items though.


Wow 8.5 loads fast!

I just downloaded the 8.5 full client. I saw a post this morning regarding The Domino Configuration Tuner, which works on all versions of server, but requires an 8.0 or greater client to run.

I stopped using 8.0 and 8.01 a long time ago and went back to using 7.03.

I just have to say wow. There really is a huge improvement in the client. I wish it would have been like that from the start…we might be planning a R8 upgrade instead of an Exchange migration otherwise.


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