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Where to set where an agent runs.

A few months ago, I setup a “Directory” server. This server is meant to be the administration server for names.nsf, it also serves as an LDAP service for our corporate phone directory, it also runs the directory cataloger service, and it is our registration server (where all the admins register new users and update groups). This keeps things nice and tidy and all updates happening in one location.

If you use Directory Catalog (dc.nsf), there is an agent that you can turn on that runs once a week at 2:00AM on Sundays that gives some statistics on names.nsf versus dc.nsf, the fields that are used in dc.nsf, the size, etc. etc and then sends that report to the administrators group or group of your choosing. To receive the report you simply supply a group name in the ” Send Directory Catalog reports to:” field in the Directory Catalog configuration document (configuration view of dc.nsf).

For months, I couldn’t figure out why this agent was running on the old server which used to run the dircat task instead of the new directory server.

By accident, I discovered where that configuration was hiding. I should have known this, but sometimes it’s not always obvious. :)


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