8.5 taught me: Insert Key toggles unread marks.

I have forever used Edit\Unread Marks\Mark Selected Unread when going through my email.

Today, I tried this on my 8.5 client, and noticed that there were the word “Insert” next to both Mark selected read and Mark selected Unread. Awesome shortcut!


What’s more is that this works in 7.03 as well, and I’m guessing probably every Notes release for a long time. The 7.03 client does not have the “Insert” helper next to the menu items though.


2 Responses to “8.5 taught me: Insert Key toggles unread marks.”

  • Sjef Bosman says:

    As long as I can remember, it’s there… and that goes back to Notes 3.21 I think. Read about it in the keyboard shortcuts in the manuals, there are many more. Nobody ever bothers to look, mouse-happy as they are…


  • Wannes Rams says:

    The insert shortcut has been around for ages.

    If you want to make users happy, teach them this, they will love you for it.

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