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Trick for selecting a large volume of documents at once

I know in R8 this works much differently, you can now select a message, hold the shift key, and then scroll way down the view and click a second message to select all messages in between. Great!

However, in R6.5.x and below (not sure about 7) selecting hundreds of documents at a time can be time consuming.

Say for example, your log.nsf or one of your mail.boxes becomes corrupt, and you have event triggers setup for corrupt databases – you can get a hell of a lot of notification messages in just a few minutes.

This morning I came in to find 7000 notification messages that one of the mail.boxes was corrupt on one of my servers. Read the rest of this entry »

How one character “>” can make all of your mail disappear

We had a strange situation today where a user received a mail message that had a subject something like “NBCC > INTERCON”

This user was using the OpenNTF1.7b template, and was using DWA with a web browser.

For some strange reason, when this message appeared in the inbox, or was filed in a personal folder, the rest of the messages in the folder disappeared.

Deleting the message made all the messages re-appear. Read the rest of this entry »

Folder is larger than supported


I received an email/phone call/IM about a super-VIP user who’s mailbox in South America had a problem.

This user travels frequently, has a 23GB mailbox, and refuses to carry a laptop. He travels from his Swiss office to Hong Kong, Singapore, and South America.

When he arrives in Argentina, he expects his replica to be up-to-date without problems. The issue is that the database is 23GB and the comm links to Argentina are very slow, so sometimes, replication delay can be up to 2 or 4 hours.

What I suggested that we do is to create his mailbox on the clustered servers in Argentina and then get the Swiss and Argetina local IT staff to coordinate with us every time he is going to travel so that we can change his home mail server. This will mean that mail will not need to replicate to the Argentina server from Switzerland, through the hubs in Hong Kong before he will receive it in his Inbox. Read the rest of this entry »


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