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Solution: Unable to load frame’s content: Error rebuilding the view. Invalid data.

Have you ever seen this message when opening a mail database? From time to time we see this after an upgrade. Normal Fixup, Compact, Updall, and even template replace will not fix the issue.

However, Compact -D will do the trick.
The -D switch discards any built view indexes

You can try this for B-tree structure is invalid! errors as well.

For good measure you can run Updall -R afterwards to rebuild all the view indexes.

Monitor Error in Database e:\lotus\notes\data\filename.nsf: Entry not found in index

Have you ever seen this error message in your console or statrep.nsf?

I see hundreds in my statrep.nsf all the time.

The cause is that the user with mailbox called filename.nsf has mail rules set to file messages to a folder that doesn’t exist anymore.

Invalid collection data was detected

I’ve just upgraded some of our Domino severs from 6.5.6 FP3 HF63 to 7.0.3 FP1 HF517. I put alot of testing into it so it has been relatively smooth.

I did find that I had some template replication issues, so I went around, deleted every template in our environment except on one isolated 7.0.3 server. I then signed all the templates on that server and used the admin client to create replicas on our hub servers which had also been upgraded to 7.

I had real problems with the following templates: activity.ntf, admin4.ntf, certlog.ntf, dba4.ntf, and webadmin.ntf.

admin4.ntf, certlog.ntf, and dba4.ntf had a bad ACL set, so I couldn’t sign any of them, and the LocalDomainServers group couldn’t replicate. I fixed that and signed the templates and replicated them.

One of them was set to temporarily disable replication, and I fixed that.

All that was left was activity.ntf and webamin.ntf. For some reason, activity.ntf wouldn’t initialize. I had to try several times before I got it working through adminp.

I could never get webadmin.ntf to replicate because the error message that shows up when the temporarily disable replication tickbox is checked kept appearing, but the template did not in fact have that checked.

I starting looking through DDM today, and found that one template and one database generate errors when design runs.

Design error for database ‘help\readme.nsf’: Invalid collection data was detected.
Design error for database ‘dominoblog.ntf’: Invalid collection data was detected.

I looked in R7 admin help, Notes 6 and 7 discussion forums, and google, and “Invalid collection data was detected” appears nowhere.

These are all small things, but wouldn’t expect finicky templates from 7.0.3.

Internal error, unable to open Reports database

I’ve gone around turning on Message Tracking and enabling weekly and monthly reports for all of my servers. We’re running out of disk space fast and we’re trying a multiple prong approach on tackling the problem.

We’re looking specifically at exactly who is sending large attachments.

After the happy Halloween and end of the month, I went around this morning to build a spreadsheet from the data in the reports.nsf on all the servers for the Top 25 Monthly Senders By Size. On a couple of servers, the report only contained “Internal error, unable to open Reports database” Read the rest of this entry »

LDAP Schema woes

Today, I wanted to add a new field to our person document form in our directory for our internal VOIP telephone extensions. There are alot of people out there now using VOIP, but the problem is that our users don’t know what the extensions are for people in other sites/locations. If they would use the VOIP extension instead of dialing the long distance number, we could save alot of money.

I created a field called OnNet, refreshed the design of the NAB, populated the field with some actual data, and then went to test it out. Works great.

However, our corporate accessible directory is a web application on a Linux box that performs LDAP queries to Domino.

If I authenticated to LDAP, I could see all of the person document fields with a LDAP browser including OnNet and the data, but if I don’t authenticate, I can only see the domino fields (or LDAP attributes) that are specified in the * server configuration document. Read the rest of this entry »


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