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BlackBerry for Mac – PocketMac for BlackBerry

You may have known about this for some time, but i’ve just discovered the PocketMac for Blackberry software that is available from RIM.

I was helping a friend backup/synch his contacts on his Blackberry Pearl yesterday and we were just about to purchase and download the Missing Synch, but a Google search yielded the PocketMac for Blackberry software, and the update, which are both available here.

It works very well, and the default configuration is to synch your contacts with the Mac OS X address book, you calendar entries and tasks with your iCal calendar.

It was simple to configure (actually I didn’t have to change anything), simple to use, and FREE.

kudos to RIM for this. I might actually consider buying a personal Blackberry now versus a iPhone or other smartphone.

I’ve been in the market for a smartphone, but many of them (non iPhone or Blackberry) don’t easily synch with the Mac’s. This makes the choice for a Blackberry much easier for me.

I’m wondering how I missed the release of this though?

Blackberry Key Tips

There are alot of resources on the Internet to find this stuff, but I wanted to add some of my favorites here that I find useful. There are so many Blackberry tricks, tips, and shortcuts that is hard to know all of them.

Here are some of my favorites: The most favorite being the ability to use the “K” key to lock the keyboard instantly.

  • To capitalize a letter, hold it down.
  • To insert a period when typing text, press the Space key twice. The letter following the period will be capitalized automatically.
  • Press the Space Key to insert the @ and PERIOD characters in an address field.
  • To turn on NUM lock, press shift + Alt
  • To turn off NUM lock, press Alt.
  • Press ALT+RIGHT SHIFT to turn on CAP-lock mode. Press SHIFT again to turn it off.
    When typing text, press and hold a letter while rolling the trackball to scroll through the accents, symbols, or marks associated with that character. When the desired characters appears, release the letter key.

INBOX NAVIGATION (Some of these work in tasks, memos, and appointments also)

Sorting: Use Esc to return to full listing with any of the following:

  • ALT-i: show only incoming mail
  • ALT-o: show only outgoing mail
  • ALT-p: show phone log
  • ALT-s: show SMS messages
  • ALT-v: show Voicemail messages


  • t: go to top of message list
  • b: go to bottom of message list
  • backspace: close message list and return to home screen
  • spacebar: page down
  • cap + spacebar: page up

Turn off Dial from Home Screen to use the Home Screen short cuts below.
Phone > Options > General Options > (set) Dial from Home Screen = NO

Home Screen Shotcuts

  • M Messages
  • P Phone
  • A Address Book
  • L Calendar
  • F Profile
  • T Tasks
  • D Memo Pad
  • T Tasks
  • V Saved Messages
  • U Calculator
  • R Alarm
  • O Options
  • K Lock
  • B Browser
  • C Compose Message
  • S Search

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