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SuperAdmin Review

I posted last week about the SuperAdmin OpenNTF project. I installed it last Friday and let the agent run a while, and came in this morning to check out what it could report.

Keith Brooks commented in the last post that the ability to see the templates and ODS has been available in the Administration client since 6.5, plus the ability to modify the Administration Server (not see it). This is all true, but I still find the tool very useful for cleaning up ACL and administration server inconsistencies.

Here’s my review: Read the rest of this entry »

SuperAdmin to the rescue!

Yesterday, I posted about setting the administration server on all of my mailboxes at the suggestion of my colleague Jean-Yves Riverin

Well, today, I received yet another great tip from him. He pointed me to an OpenNTF project called SuperAdmin by project chef Declan Lynch

Here’s the synopsis:

Have you ever wondered if you have dead mailfiles sitting on your server taking up space, or if the all your databases are on the latest ODS version, or if the administration server in the ACL is set correctly on all databases, if so then this is the app for you.

Written by a notes admin for notes admins all the information that you need to make sure your Domino environment is running like a well oiled machine will be waiting for you once you deploy SuperAdmin.

I’ll setup it up and review it in a subsequent post.

How one character “>” can make all of your mail disappear

We had a strange situation today where a user received a mail message that had a subject something like “NBCC > INTERCON”

This user was using the OpenNTF1.7b template, and was using DWA with a web browser.

For some strange reason, when this message appeared in the inbox, or was filed in a personal folder, the rest of the messages in the folder disappeared.

Deleting the message made all the messages re-appear. Read the rest of this entry »

editor vs. manager in mail files: what are the implications

So I’m wondering what the implications are if you lower your user’s access in the mail files to editor instead of manager.

Here’s what I’ve come up with (not we are using OpenNTF 1.7b mail template on mostly 6.5.6FP2 servers with 6.5.x clients – to get the template).

If they only have editor access:
1. Quick Stuff access does not work, because they cannot update the outline. Adding a user to Quick Stuff basically adds a name to the outline. They cannot update the outline because they don’t have designer access.
2. They cannot archive their mail file. I’m not sure why, but I’m guessing it has something to do with creating a new database.
3. They cannot delegate their mail file to other users. I’m guessing this is because to do so, you basically update the ACL in the mail file.

Any feedback on the above or other gotchas?


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