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Backscatter is killing us, how are you coping?

We use Message Labs for anti-spam prevention service. They are pretty good at stopping most of the spam, but not all.

For those of you who are not familiar, we point our MX records to Message Labs servers that they specify. Then Message Labs SMTP servers filter out spam and viruses using their own algorithms and forward on the good messages to our inbound SMTP gateway.

The problem is that Message Labs can’t block backscatter as they would block valid non delivery failures in the process.

How are you coping??

Skipping message because ReadyToSweep

Yesterday was a rough day being a Domino mail server admin.

First, let me explain our environment. Most of our company is on Domino and Notes 6.5.1.-6 (mostly Notes 6.5.4).

There is one division that refuses to move to Notes because they love outlook, and their main excuse is that there is the 100 mail rule limitation of Notes. They actually use email as a system like I’ve never seen. They manage a fleet of ships, and each ships sends different kinds of messages, these messages are sent to groups that are nested several times, so many many people receive them. Some people need them for one reason or another. These messages also go into a linux application server and are search able via a web interface.

So basically, they cannot live without having sometimes 200 mail rules. They are pushing electronic mail to the boundaries. I’m sure there is a better way for them to do all of this, but who has the time to pitch a better idea to them, especially when they have no budget. Read the rest of this entry »


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