Firefox sidebar RSS reader like Lotus Notes 8?

I’m wondering if anyone out there in the blogsphere knows a firefox plugin that will allow RSS results from various blogs to show up in the Firefox sidebar similar to how you can configure the Lotus Notes 8 client to do so.

I really love this feature about Lotus Notes 8, and when not using the client on a regular basis, miss the feature.

I find it too tedious to continue open a stand alone RSS reader, or view the RSS toolbar at the top of firefox, thus miss alot of good posts out there. If there was a sidebar, I could just open and leave open, I would be more susceptible to seeing content.

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  • Timothy Briley says:

    I subscribe to about 50 feeds (including yours) using Google Reader and just leave it open as a Firefox tab all day.

  • In Firefox you can bookmark Google Reader and go to the bookmark properties page and set “Load this bookmark in the sidebar.”. It will open in the sidebar. Taken from here.

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