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I just noticed that there was a new player in town in the desktop office productivity realm with the name LibreOffice.

I was watching a Ubuntu 11 desktop preview video from ZD-Net and noticed that they were referencing the fact that Ubuntu will now come installed with LibreOffice instead of

Low and behold after a bit of research, it seems that key developers of are not happy with Oracle’s direction for and have defected to a new nonprofit organization called the Document Foundation, which maintains LibreOffice.

In addition to Windows and Mac versions being available, it appears that other Linux software distributors Novell SUSE, Redhat, and Canonical Ubuntu are backing the Document Foundation and LibreOffice as well.

More information here at Infoworld.

This certainly creates a dilemma on which version to use. I think I’ll stick with for the time being.

Has anybody tried LibreOffice yet? What are your thoughts?

Excellent productivity tip (part 2)

A few days ago, I wrote a post about adding Google Tasks to the Firefox sidebar. I’ve been using this for a few weeks now and feel more productive.

I have a gmail account and use it to synch my non-work/personal CalDAV calendar between my iPhone, different macs at home, and can access my personal calendar on my PC at work with Lotus Notes.

I’m also now able to synch my personal to-do lists (or tasks you may not want in your corporate Domino mailbox for whatever reason) between my iPhone, PC at work, and Macs at home (both via Firefox sidebar bookmarks).

I tried setting this up on a new computer today and wasn’t able to drag the google tasks to my firefox bookmarks tool bar.

I kept getting the error message “Close this window to resume using Tasks in Gmail.”

I found this second post which shows the exact URL that you need to bookmark, and also highlights how to either set this up in Google Chrome, or set up your tasks in a desktop application.


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