vs. LibreOffice

I just noticed that there was a new player in town in the desktop office productivity realm with the name LibreOffice.

I was watching a Ubuntu 11 desktop preview video from ZD-Net and noticed that they were referencing the fact that Ubuntu will now come installed with LibreOffice instead of

Low and behold after a bit of research, it seems that key developers of are not happy with Oracle’s direction for and have defected to a new nonprofit organization called the Document Foundation, which maintains LibreOffice.

In addition to Windows and Mac versions being available, it appears that other Linux software distributors Novell SUSE, Redhat, and Canonical Ubuntu are backing the Document Foundation and LibreOffice as well.

More information here at Infoworld.

This certainly creates a dilemma on which version to use. I think I’ll stick with for the time being.

Has anybody tried LibreOffice yet? What are your thoughts?

2 Responses to “ vs. LibreOffice”

  • palmi says:

    LibreOffice is just like OpenOffice but with cleaner startup menu and acts like symphony if you ask me – Im sticking with symphony

  • I used OpenOffice in the past but changed to LibreOffice wehn it became final.

    Now using LiberOffice 3.3 on Ubuntu 10.10 and can’t see any differences (good or bad). But I must admit that I’m not a heavy user of Office products in general.

    But being a fan of real open products it was clear for me to change to LibreOffice as soon as it became available (as long as it isn’t a step back).

    Never regret the change so far!

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