User with 546 tabs open in Lotus Notes Client

I saw this posted on twitter this morning by @elfworld

“Just stopped by a user who had 546(!) open tabs in Lotus Notes. The client sill worked stable and without any protest”

2 Responses to “User with 546 tabs open in Lotus Notes Client”

  • It’s amazing what Notes will let you do.

    I was helping an end user with an unrelated issue the other day, and saw that he had received a 800+MB (zipped) email. And forwarded it on. I said, wow that must have taken a while, and he said, “no, not that I noticed”.

    I can’t even imagine with “other” mail clients would have done with that.

  • david says:

    Notes is awesome…. even though Microsoft and other pundits are busy incepting the myth that it’s dead and has been for 2 decades.

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