Post5: Migrating to Exchange – One Domino Admin’s tell all journey

The more I’ve been reading about Exchange 2007 administration, the more it sounds like alot more work (not to mention alot more servers).

I read this blog entry at the Tech Republic Blogs titled “Scripting the remove and disable mailbox attributes in Exchange 2007

Here’s an excerpt:

The two scenarios can be scripted out in large amounts with normal batch files. A common way to make these scripts is a concatenated formula within an Excel spreadsheet that requires only the username or e-mail address to be added to create the command, which would be copied and pasted to save or run in the Exchange Management Shell.

I do happen to be good with a command line interface and actually enjoy it from time to time as shown in this previous post on my blog about writing a Domino server maintenance script that performs several tasks and a reboot every week in what I call “Preventative Maintenance.”

….but having to use the command line, or run a batch file, and intensifying the process by using Excel just to disable or delete a user sounds asinine.

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  • Well and you are reading/working with Exchange 2007 already.

    So many Domains are running Exchage 2003 or Exchange 5.5 still. So just think how advanced functionality you already should have in consideration to the other versions !!!!


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