Invalid collection data was detected

I’ve just upgraded some of our Domino severs from 6.5.6 FP3 HF63 to 7.0.3 FP1 HF517. I put alot of testing into it so it has been relatively smooth.

I did find that I had some template replication issues, so I went around, deleted every template in our environment except on one isolated 7.0.3 server. I then signed all the templates on that server and used the admin client to create replicas on our hub servers which had also been upgraded to 7.

I had real problems with the following templates: activity.ntf, admin4.ntf, certlog.ntf, dba4.ntf, and webadmin.ntf.

admin4.ntf, certlog.ntf, and dba4.ntf had a bad ACL set, so I couldn’t sign any of them, and the LocalDomainServers group couldn’t replicate. I fixed that and signed the templates and replicated them.

One of them was set to temporarily disable replication, and I fixed that.

All that was left was activity.ntf and webamin.ntf. For some reason, activity.ntf wouldn’t initialize. I had to try several times before I got it working through adminp.

I could never get webadmin.ntf to replicate because the error message that shows up when the temporarily disable replication tickbox is checked kept appearing, but the template did not in fact have that checked.

I starting looking through DDM today, and found that one template and one database generate errors when design runs.

Design error for database ‘help\readme.nsf’: Invalid collection data was detected.
Design error for database ‘dominoblog.ntf’: Invalid collection data was detected.

I looked in R7 admin help, Notes 6 and 7 discussion forums, and google, and “Invalid collection data was detected” appears nowhere.

These are all small things, but wouldn’t expect finicky templates from 7.0.3.

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