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Newer version of Elasticfox now available

For those who use Elasticfox Firefox Extension for Amazon EC2 to manage their AWS entities, you may want to know that an updated version of Elasticfox is available from the AWS developer website.

It works with Firefox 4 (as did the previous version), and allows you to tag your entities a bit better. The interface has been slightly optimized and improved and there are a few more columns that are available for you in the instances view, such as Name, which is a big help.

It doesn’t allow you to manage your RDS instances, but it’s still got a lot of small added items that add up. If you are using Elasticfox, you really want to update.

Elasticfox updated menu

It also has some added features in the right click menu, such as instance lifecycle, the ability to edit the tags, and it also has menu items for termination protection, which allows you to access the features that help prevent accidentally terminating an instance.

You can find all you need here:
Original ElasticFox
EC2 tag (updated) version
The updated EC2 tag version has a repository with the latest versions hosted at


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