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Don’t limit search results

For months, I thought something was wrong with my mailbox, or at least cussed Lotus Notes search algorithm.

When I would search for something that I knew would produce lots of results, like Domino, I would only get 5 results. One day, I was going through and deleting some old messages, and I realized that if I deleted one of the 5 result messages, I could perform another search and another 5 would appear. Why was the 6th one hiding during the first search, and why am I only able to search 5 messages at a time. Frustrating.

Then, I clicked on the “more” twistie to expose the advanced search options, and noticed the “Max Results” button. This button only shows if your mailbox is full text indexed. I found that this was set to 5!!! I changed it to the maximum of 5000 and my mailbox searching life has been transformed. Everything works as planned now. I’m not sure how this got set to 5. I’ve even double checked our mail template didn’t have that as a default. No idea.


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