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compact -S works…sometimes.

I’ve recently stumbled upon using compact -S5 in our weekly Saturday compact program document.

Like most shops, we run Fixup on Fridays and then Compact on Saturdays on all databases.

We found that a couple of servers that have about 400GB worth of mailboxes were not finishing their compact jobs. The compact was taking somewhere in the range of 36 to 48 hours. We weren’t sure how long it was taking because we had to shut it down on Monday morning when people got into the office and starting trying to access their databases.

I found the -S switch which will compact only database which will only compact databases with more white space than you specify in the . Read the rest of this entry »

Program doc in PAB hidden (“policies”) view

While troubleshooting yesterday, I displayed all of the hidden views in a Personal Adddress Book (PAB) on a user’s laptop. You can view all hidden views by selecting CTRL+SHIFT and then click on the workspace icon to open the database.

I noticed several familiar NAB views. I had never viewed all of the hidden PAB views before. What a surprise. Who would have thought.

I then noticed that this user had a program document. What??

I found this on the Lotus Notes 6 and 7 discussion forum. Check it out.


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