SuperAdmin to the rescue!

Yesterday, I posted about setting the administration server on all of my mailboxes at the suggestion of my colleague Jean-Yves Riverin

Well, today, I received yet another great tip from him. He pointed me to an OpenNTF project called SuperAdmin by project chef Declan Lynch

Here’s the synopsis:

Have you ever wondered if you have dead mailfiles sitting on your server taking up space, or if the all your databases are on the latest ODS version, or if the administration server in the ACL is set correctly on all databases, if so then this is the app for you.

Written by a notes admin for notes admins all the information that you need to make sure your Domino environment is running like a well oiled machine will be waiting for you once you deploy SuperAdmin.

I’ll setup it up and review it in a subsequent post.

2 Responses to “SuperAdmin to the rescue!”

  • Keith Brooks says:

    Some of those items are now in the admin client since r7 and r8. ODS for one, templates and the ability to configure, not see, the admin server. But yes superadmin helps in various ways.

  • david says:

    Actually since R6.5.

    I guess one thing that this tool does is that it allows you to put replicas on all of your servers and see the templates, ODS across your domain instead of just a single server as you can currently do with the admin client.

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