Trick for selecting a large volume of documents at once

I know in R8 this works much differently, you can now select a message, hold the shift key, and then scroll way down the view and click a second message to select all messages in between. Great!

However, in R6.5.x and below (not sure about 7) selecting hundreds of documents at a time can be time consuming.

Say for example, your log.nsf or one of your mail.boxes becomes corrupt, and you have event triggers setup for corrupt databases – you can get a hell of a lot of notification messages in just a few minutes.

This morning I came in to find 7000 notification messages that one of the mail.boxes was corrupt on one of my servers.

Typically, I use the document selection column, click the mouse to select the first document in the list, and use the mouse to scroll down. This can take a very long time, say several minutes to scroll through a few thousand documents, even when accessing a local replica instead of a server replica.

However, today for unknown reasons, I started at the bottom of the list of notification messages that I wanted to select and then delete. I then started scrolling up and noticed that the speed with which messages are selected and the view scrolls up is significantly faster than if you perform the same process, but start at the top and scroll down.

I’m not sure if this is something new in 6.5.6, of if its always been that way in R6.5.x

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  • David Leedy says:

    Great Post!!! I don’t think I’ve ever seen this mentioned or discussed. You’re right it’s much fast to start at the bottom and scroll up. This isn’t new. It’s always been like this for as far as I can remember.
    I find that it goes a little faster yet if you actually keep moving the mouse left and right as you scroll. You still get little pauses as if grabs 64k more of view, but by keeping the mouse “Up” and moving left to right it moves pretty fast…

  • Erik says:

    Sort by sender, then CTRL + A, then deselecting the emails you want to keep used to work for me. This assumes you normally have a very tidy inbox though :)

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