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SuperAdmin to the rescue!

Yesterday, I posted about setting the administration server on all of my mailboxes at the suggestion of my colleague Jean-Yves Riverin

Well, today, I received yet another great tip from him. He pointed me to an OpenNTF project called SuperAdmin by project chef Declan Lynch

Here’s the synopsis:

Have you ever wondered if you have dead mailfiles sitting on your server taking up space, or if the all your databases are on the latest ODS version, or if the administration server in the ACL is set correctly on all databases, if so then this is the app for you.

Written by a notes admin for notes admins all the information that you need to make sure your Domino environment is running like a well oiled machine will be waiting for you once you deploy SuperAdmin.

I’ll setup it up and review it in a subsequent post.

What can go wrong when the administration server is not correct on your mailboxes.

A couple of days ago, I had a regional administrator in the Americas notify me that he had some users in his region that could not login to webmail. He was concerned that when the users changed their Notes client password, their HTTP password was not set (synced) in their person document.

As part of our desktop policy we have Domino setup so that every user has to change their password every 90 days, every password has to be at least 8 characters, and the Domino HTTP (Internet) password is automatically synced with the Notes password.

We also have adminp properly setup on all servers which constitutes of all servers running the adminp task, and all servers having a replica copy of admin4.nsf which replicates from the hubs to all servers. We even have a dedicated administration server that processes all administration tasks. Incidentally, this is where all of our administrators register users and make modifications to the name and address book. It also houses the Recovery Database, which is a mail-in database that all clients automatically send backups of their ID files to. Lastly, it also serves as our primary LDAP server for external systems to interact with the Domino directory. Read the rest of this entry »

Remote Console in the Notes client

I stumbled onto this 5 year old post by Jack Dausman in a series of posts he calls “Secrets of the Administration Guild”

It describes how to create a smart icon in the normal Notes client with code to bring up a Remote Console popup dialogue without having to have the Admin client open or installed.

The code is: @Command([AdminRemoteConsole])

I will have to say that it’s a pretty clever little trick and could be darn useful to give “semi-admins” in regional sites a way to run compact on a server or something.

The ease and benefit of setting up diagnostics collection and LND Fault Reports database

I setup the diagnostics collection and Lotus Notes/Domino Fault reports database for the first time today. It only took about 15 minutes.

I created a new database called Lotus Notes/Domino Fault Reports (faultreport.nsf) from the lndfr.ntf template. I set this up on a central server that also use as my main monitoring server, which initiates mail probes to all servers. Then I created a mail-in database document for this database with the name Lotus Notes/Domino Fault Reports.

I then edited the * Server configuration document and set the diagnostics tab with the following settings:

Read the rest of this entry »

No system temp, no remote console

Today, I built a new server on a machine with Virtual PC. I’m testing an R6.5.6 to R7 upgrade plan.

This was the first time that I have used Virtual PC. It seemed to work pretty well, except that the mouse scrolling was horribly slow compared to it’s host machine. Perhaps, I should be access the virtual PC with RDP instead of it’s correlating host.

I got the server installed, setup, and put the finishing touches on the servers document. I tried to access the server with a client, no problem, then the admin client. Suddenly, my admin client locks up. Read the rest of this entry »


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