Post6: Migrating to Exchange – One Domino Admin’s tell all journey

I first Drafted this on March 18th, 2009 after a meeting with Microsoft Design Engineers and I’m just getting to publishing it. Only a few factoid type bits of information is included and the final number of servers that we’ll need to implement compared with the existing number of Domino servers.

I apologize in advance for the vagueness.

If you have 2003 outlook clients, you must have public folders server to provide free/busy time services to outlook 2003 clients.

Outlook 2007 can connect directly to mailbox servers over MAPI

However, all other types of connections or clients, need to connect through the Client Access Server (CAS) server which routes us through to the Mailbox server for every transaction.

Every messages must go through a hub transport server, even if two mailboxes are on the same mailbox server.
This is generally to achieve journaling better.

Before Domino servers 38 including 3 BES servers (15 sites) after Exchange user servers 105 (14 sites)

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