No Internet access?…Write to this email address.

If you’ve ever created a PMR with IBM, you are used to getting the “PMR Updated” notification emails from IBM.

Today, I actually read the text in the notification email and found this:

* Internet access: Log into ESR at and update your
Authorized Caller record to indicate you do not want to receive
these update notifications.

* No internet access: Write to to
inactivate this capability.

NOTE where it says that if you have no Internet access write the the Internet email address.

I wonder if this is only from IBM China or all of IBM.

2 Responses to “No Internet access?…Write to this email address.”

  • This is fully appropriate in a corporate setting: if you read the email you obviously have a working email system. That you have internet access at the same location isn’t a given. There are sufficient organizations around that don’t allow workplace surfing (I once showed a manager how much productivity his developers loose without internet and he just shrugged and went back to his so-far-behind projects).

  • david says:

    It makes sense when you explain it, but sounds funny otherwise.

    Just having a laugh.

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