My 5 Lotushere Limericks.

I Love Limericks, I’ll be honest. So when I saw this page on Mary Beth Raven’s Blog, I couldn’t resist.

Here’s 5 that I submitted:
there once was a man named Jake
in Lotusphere he wanted to partake
he jumped on a plane
looked out the pane
and knew it wasn’t a mistake

There once was a man named Bill
He thought Lotusphere was a thrill
He drove straight down
To Orlando town
Where he wouldn’t catch a chill

There once was a smart fellow
He swore he only bled yellow
he wrote lots a code
with a workload
but at Lotusphere he was mellow

There once was a man named Gwen
He was a Domino admin
He smiled with a grin
as he wrote with his pen
Using Exchange is a sin

There once was a man in his prime
at his desk he acted a mime
his boss came over
looked over his shoulder
and said blogging is a waste of time

Move along…this isn’t the employee that’s been wasting time that you’re looking for.

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