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When to delete the local

We were getting a few strange sounding reports from a user who was trying to send email to 3 groups.

The first message was:
“A copy of this message was sent to 180 recipient(s), but the Internet format of this message was not sent to the following 34 recipient(s); , etc.”

The second message was:
“Document has invalid structure:”

We closed the client, deleted, opened the client, and let it re-create and all was fine.

WINS/DNS good, static connection docs bad.

I feel like talking like a cave man because the concept is like starting fire when people start to understand the benefits.

For a long time, I’ve been a pundit of “DON’T USE STATIC IP CONNECTION DOCUMENTS!” Not everyone will listen, maybe because I sound like a radical cavalier consultant admin who knows everything – offering up such new fangled ideas to an organization who does not have a global active directory container or single company-wide DNS suffix.

Here’s why STATIC is so bad: Read the rest of this entry »


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