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I purchased a new Imac a couple of days ago since my powerbook G4 is on it’s last leg. That has been such a great machine for 3 years and 4 months. It stopped recognizing the 2nd GB of memory, the temperature sensor below the trackpad has gone bad and the result is that is puts itself to sleep constantly, and trying to run 10.5 on it is just doggish at best.

With the new Imac home, I started downloading all the software I like to use, and started looking for Intel or Universal versions of the power PC only software that I had purchased for the powerbook.

This lead me to the online debate of which is better Neo Office,, or Lotus Symphony. I didn’t realize there was such a debate on which “fork” of the Microsoft Office alternative to use.

I’m not a heavy user of Word, Excel, or Powerpoint, but I’d like to have the functionality to do some business document processing as needed.

I’ve downloaded and the beta of Lotus Symphony and pretty much ruled out Neo Office.

I just wanted to probe the community and ask for your opinions on the two pieces of software.

BleedYellow (connections) error message when posting to forum

Today, I thought I would go out to, the Lotus connection site so see what was happening. I hadn’t been out there for quite some time.

In fact, I’ve been trying to figure out the benefits of using it. I created a community for the Lotus Professionals in Asia and a few members joined. I was able to directly connect to those members, so that’s one benefit of the site.

Other than that, I couldn’t figure out what else to do. Read the rest of this entry »

Just noticed that IBM extended the EOS and EOL of 6.5.6 to 2010

Technote 1287154 was updated on October 24th.

Ed Brill was right

Thankfully, we’ve just finally started planning an upgrade from 6.5.6FP3 to 7.03(4)

Notes 8.0.1, 8.0.2 and 8.5 (Beta 1 and Beta 2) Performance Comparisons

This was posted in the Lotus Society of Hong Kong newsletter this week.

I found it quite useful.

You know you’ve been supporting Domino too long when…

  • The first thing you do when you install a Lotus Notes Client is that you set the workspace as the default bookmark.
  • When you are browsing web pages with firefox, you wonder why the escape key doesn’t take you back to the previous page.
  • You remember InterNotes webserver
  • You have obsessively asked questions in the Meet the Developer’s lab at Lotusphere.
  • You occasionally start sentences like “back in R3 we used to…”
  • You dig out that R5 T-shirt that says “Super Human Software” on the back when you have weekend upgrades for good luck.
  • You remember when you could delete or rename a Domino database at the file system while the server was up without having to run drop cache and dbcache flush at the Domino console.
  • You know the (shift), View\Show Server Names trick to display the database filename at the bottom of the Chicklets.
  • You know what a Chicklet is.
  • You are outraged that your company is migrating to Exchange.

Edit: “outraged” seems a little too terse. This should be construed as a humorous bullet point, please don’t take it otherwise.


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