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The ease and benefit of setting up diagnostics collection and LND Fault Reports database

I setup the diagnostics collection and Lotus Notes/Domino Fault reports database for the first time today. It only took about 15 minutes.

I created a new database called Lotus Notes/Domino Fault Reports (faultreport.nsf) from the lndfr.ntf template. I set this up on a central server that also use as my main monitoring server, which initiates mail probes to all servers. Then I created a mail-in database document for this database with the name Lotus Notes/Domino Fault Reports.

I then edited the * Server configuration document and set the diagnostics tab with the following settings:

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Using a Desktop Policy to set location document fields

Like most of you, I glean my information from various sources: Blogs, IBM Notes/Domino FAQ Newsletter, Notes Discussion forums at IBM, IBM technote searches, custom Notes/Domino google searches, Stumbleupon,, and various other newsletters such as the or LotusUserGroup, etc.

I just recently signed up for LinkedIn and joined a few Notes/Domino groups. I haven’t done much with it yet, but here’s my public profile

Today, I received a LinkedIn post with an answer which pointed to Technote 1196837 – Using a Desktop Policy to set notes.ini and Location parameters.

I really wish I had seen this technote a very long time ago.

Drop all after changing policies

This is a simple, but effective tip. Any time you change your policies, make sure that your changes have replicated across all servers.

You should then issue “Drop All” at the server console. Any active clients will automatically re-connect to the server forcing them to authenticate, and thus pulling down the new policies.

R8 Sidebar applications.

I just read this blog post by Mikkel Heisterberg on Sidebar application in R8.5.

I had to link back to it here because it’s just such a cool article, and there are links to some killer sidebar applications.

When I first started using R8, I started to play around with a couple of Widgets and the sidebar. I instantly realized what the real potential of R8 could be. There are so many tasks that can be added to this location to significantly cut down on the time typically needed to perform that task or gather that particular bit of information (depending on whatever the widget/application does).

In Mikkel’s article above, he lists several sidebar applications. On his list, I found 3 that sound fantastic, written by Jeff Gilfelt.

They are as follows:

  • Formul8 for IBM Lotus Notes 8
  • Secret Agent for IBM Lotus Notes 8
  • SideLog for IBM Lotus Notes 8

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