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Accented characters not showing up properly in R7.0.3

A few months ago, we upgraded all of our Brazilian users to Notes 7.0.3. After we did so, the automated messages generated by their help desk ticket system stopped displaying Portuguese accented characters properly.

When accessing the same message through DWA, the message and accented characters showed up correctly.

We generated a PMR with IBM, who told us to right click within the message, and choose Encoding\Other\Unicode (Auto-Detect) which seemed to fix the isssue.

It appears that the message that is generated by the help desk system is received by Domino via SMTP and when the message is delivered the MIME type is unknown. So this fixes the problem one a one by one basis, but how do you fix it so that the default Encoding is Unicode (Auto-Detect) and/or UTF-8? Read the rest of this entry »

Remote Console in the Notes client

I stumbled onto this 5 year old post by Jack Dausman in a series of posts he calls “Secrets of the Administration Guild”

It describes how to create a smart icon in the normal Notes client with code to bring up a Remote Console popup dialogue without having to have the Admin client open or installed.

The code is: @Command([AdminRemoteConsole])

I will have to say that it’s a pretty clever little trick and could be darn useful to give “semi-admins” in regional sites a way to run compact on a server or something.

Using a Desktop Policy to set location document fields

Like most of you, I glean my information from various sources: Blogs, IBM Notes/Domino FAQ Newsletter, Notes Discussion forums at IBM, IBM technote searches, custom Notes/Domino google searches, Stumbleupon,, and various other newsletters such as the or LotusUserGroup, etc.

I just recently signed up for LinkedIn and joined a few Notes/Domino groups. I haven’t done much with it yet, but here’s my public profile

Today, I received a LinkedIn post with an answer which pointed to Technote 1196837 – Using a Desktop Policy to set notes.ini and Location parameters.

I really wish I had seen this technote a very long time ago.

Disabling “optional network drivers” Lan0, Com1, Com3

For a very long time, the “Optional Network Drivers” that Lotus forces you to install has been a very big thorn in my side.

Who uses anything besides TCPIP anymore?

I always disable any non TCPIP ports after install as it complicates Notes configuration for desktop support people, complicates location document creation, and I had one user once who had all the default ports enabled. He also had some network drives permanently mapped. When he was at a site that could not see the network mapped drives, and he would save an attachment, Notes would freeze.

After some study, I realized that Notes was trying to build the list of places to store the attachment for explorer and searching every possible port to map those drives.

I disabled everything except TCPIP for the guy and tried the same process. The guy thought I was Santa Claus and that he’d just received the best Christmas gift ever. The attachment save dialog window instantly opened and presented a local directory.

I’ve tried several ways to get around this on install (and there is no way to disable the ports by policies).
Read the rest of this entry »

Ambiguous Name Dialog Box

Today at the office we had a situation that had never come up before. We recently created a new user, which has the same name as a very old user.

A particularly important group of users regularly send to the old user, using just his common name, example “guru”

Suddenly, these important users started getting the Ambiguous Name Dialog Box which I’m sure that they have never seen before, and I’m sure they hit enter, and the result is that the new user, who is listed first in the ambiguous name dialog box receives the email.

Important users complain, heads roll, management wants the new user’s name changed (even though his name follows our newly implemented naming convention). Read the rest of this entry »


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