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Backscatter is killing us, how are you coping?

We use Message Labs for anti-spam prevention service. They are pretty good at stopping most of the spam, but not all.

For those of you who are not familiar, we point our MX records to Message Labs servers that they specify. Then Message Labs SMTP servers filter out spam and viruses using their own algorithms and forward on the good messages to our inbound SMTP gateway.

The problem is that Message Labs can’t block backscatter as they would block valid non delivery failures in the process.

How are you coping??

Pesky debugging and logging notes.ini settings

I’ve been investigating why our primary mail routing hub server is taking so long to route messages recently. The behavior started a few days ago (or maybe it’s been going on for a while and we didn’t notice it).

  • Messages will queue in the mail.boxes for anywhere from 5 to 15 (maybe longer) minutes.
  • They do NOT have the -check in progress- (which sometimes take place when Trend Micro ScanMail or IQSuite, our mail compliancy capturing software, is holding up the router).
  • Then suddenly they all route at once.
  • Then the process will start over again.

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Enabling message tracking for mail reports and monitoring.

I have just enabled Message Tracking on an R6.5.6 server.

All I had to do was to enable message tracking in the server’s configuration document.
I added LocalDomainServers to “Allowed to track messages” field, but left everything else as is.

Once that was enabled, I issued “load MTC” on the server in question.

I initially got these errors when the task loaded:

MT Collector: Initialization failed: File does not exist
MT Collector: Unable to use directory e:\Lotus\Domino\Data\mtdata: File does not exist

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Ambiguous Name Dialog Box

Today at the office we had a situation that had never come up before. We recently created a new user, which has the same name as a very old user.

A particularly important group of users regularly send to the old user, using just his common name, example “guru”

Suddenly, these important users started getting the Ambiguous Name Dialog Box which I’m sure that they have never seen before, and I’m sure they hit enter, and the result is that the new user, who is listed first in the ambiguous name dialog box receives the email.

Important users complain, heads roll, management wants the new user’s name changed (even though his name follows our newly implemented naming convention). Read the rest of this entry »

When to delete the local

We were getting a few strange sounding reports from a user who was trying to send email to 3 groups.

The first message was:
“A copy of this message was sent to 180 recipient(s), but the Internet format of this message was not sent to the following 34 recipient(s); , etc.”

The second message was:
“Document has invalid structure:”

We closed the client, deleted, opened the client, and let it re-create and all was fine.


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