Enabling message tracking for mail reports and monitoring.

I have just enabled Message Tracking on an R6.5.6 server.

All I had to do was to enable message tracking in the server’s configuration document.
I added LocalDomainServers to “Allowed to track messages” field, but left everything else as is.

Once that was enabled, I issued “load MTC” on the server in question.

I initially got these errors when the task loaded:

MT Collector: Initialization failed: File does not exist
MT Collector: Unable to use directory e:\Lotus\Domino\Data\mtdata: File does not exist

but it created the folder and mtstore.nsf database automatically after the error message.

I looked at the database a few minutes later and it appears that it is storing data in this database.

I then went to my reports.nsf database and enabled the 5 agents that exist, but are disabled. 1 daily report, and 2 weekly and monthly reports.

After a few minutes and more data was stored in mtstore, I generated a few instant reports to make sure it was working. All seemed fine.

One thing to note is that you need to have your server or server group in the “Run unrestricted methods and operations:” field of the security tab in the server document.

I have a couple of questions before I go around doing this on all servers:

  • I left the default tracking interval at 15 minutes. Does anyone have any views on what this should be realistically set to?
  • We are running IQSuite for mail journaling/capturing for AXS-One compliancy capturing software. Any conflict between IQSuite and Message Tracking?
  • We are running TrendMicro ScanMail 3.0. Any issues there?
  • I noticed that I put ISpy mail-in database in my “Dont Track Messages for” field, but they are still included in the test reports that I have created. Any idea why?
  • I will keep monitoring the server for a few days before I turn it on for the other servers in the domain. This is kind of difficult to test in a test environment because you don’t have real mail traffic.

    Just thought I would ask if anyone had any real world experience with Message Tracking, Reports, and the 3rd party products mentioned above.

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