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How to display nicely formatted PHP code in a WordPress post

I’ve been struggling for a while about how to embed PHP, HTML, or CSS code into WordPress posts so that they look good and are easy to understand.

I found this list of 12 WordPress Plugins to Display and Highlight Code.

I researched a few of them and finally settled on SyntaxHighlighter Evolved, which was simple to install, easy to use with short codes, formats nicely, and seems to have a large existing user base.

In your posts, you can simply use [php] and [/php] shortcodes around your actual PHP code and it does it’s trick. You can review the plugin page for the many various types of languages/syntax that are available.

I will spare your eyes and use this for all embedded code from now on.

Fun writing a maintenance script

Today, I had quite a bit of fun writing and debugging a weekly maintenance script.

I use this on all of my normal servers, but today, fine tuning this for a partitioned Domino server became a little bit of a challenge.
Tailoring all of the command line input from each of the different commands took a little bit of research.

Thanks to for Jean-Yves Riverin’s FAQ article on NSD
Frequently asked question – How to analyze Notes/Domino NSDs?

I also found other bits on the input method for nserver.exe, ncompact.exe, and nfixup.exe on the Notes/Domino 6 and 7 forum: Read the rest of this entry »


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