I have to admit that I’m confused by Apple

I don’t know about you, but I’ve always been confused by Apple’s code names for their operating systems.

Leopard, Tiger, Cheetah, Alley Cat, Tom Cat, and now Snow Leapord…

I always get confused as to which “dot” release is associated with which beast.

Will Snow Leapord be 10.6?

The wikipedia article on Apple OS X has a table which highlights which beast goes with what “dot” release, but I don’t want to visit it each time I forget.

What do you think about paying $29 USD for a “dot” release of the OS? Snow Leopard comes out at the end of the month, and I think they are pushing the envelop a bit.

One of the features listed on the Apple website is:

More reliable disk eject.

Snow Leopard improves the reliability of ejecting discs and external drives. Sometimes when an application or process is using the files on a drive, Mac OS X prevents you from ejecting it, but you don’t always know why. In Snow Leopard, you’ll get fewer of those errors and when you do get them, you’ll see exactly which application is using the drive, so you can quit it and eject the drive properly.

I guess I’ve just gotten spoiled with all the frequent free updates that I get from both MS and Apple that paying for one seems absurd.

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  • My Favorite is the ability to undelete files back to their original location… you know, like the restore button from the recycle bin in WinBlows….since win 95! lol, I’m with you though…seems strange to pay for a point upgrade, but it’s coming out around the same time as Win 7, and someone needs to try to steal buck from Redmond

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