BlackBerry for Mac – PocketMac for BlackBerry

You may have known about this for some time, but i’ve just discovered the PocketMac for Blackberry software that is available from RIM.

I was helping a friend backup/synch his contacts on his Blackberry Pearl yesterday and we were just about to purchase and download the Missing Synch, but a Google search yielded the PocketMac for Blackberry software, and the update, which are both available here.

It works very well, and the default configuration is to synch your contacts with the Mac OS X address book, you calendar entries and tasks with your iCal calendar.

It was simple to configure (actually I didn’t have to change anything), simple to use, and FREE.

kudos to RIM for this. I might actually consider buying a personal Blackberry now versus a iPhone or other smartphone.

I’ve been in the market for a smartphone, but many of them (non iPhone or Blackberry) don’t easily synch with the Mac’s. This makes the choice for a Blackberry much easier for me.

I’m wondering how I missed the release of this though?

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  • Ben Poole says:

    PocketMac for BB has been out for quite a few years. It’s OK, but breaks quite a lot, and of course doesn’t do app installs etc.

    The other solution is Missing Sync for BB, which also breaks quite a lot. But it does, theoretically, do software installs on a BB.

    As Mac applications, I would say both are lacking, and they don’t get the bug fixes / updates they deserve.

    PocketMac gets kudos for being free however.

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