Internal error, unable to open Reports database

I’ve gone around turning on Message Tracking and enabling weekly and monthly reports for all of my servers. We’re running out of disk space fast and we’re trying a multiple prong approach on tackling the problem.

We’re looking specifically at exactly who is sending large attachments.

After the happy Halloween and end of the month, I went around this morning to build a spreadsheet from the data in the reports.nsf on all the servers for the Top 25 Monthly Senders By Size. On a couple of servers, the report only contained “Internal error, unable to open Reports database”

After some searching around, I discovered from this post that the problem was that the server could not reference itself. In other words, issueing a trace from server a’s console could not connect – see itself.

It turned out that the Net address in the ports tab of the server document contained an old IP address as we had changed some networks and re-assigned server IP addresses within the past few weeks.

Apparently, the reports agent addresses the server as a network name (i.e. !!reports.nsf) instead of using the db locally (just “reports.nsf”).

I’m just surprised that there is not more that does not work correctly, when you have neither the resolveable hostname or correct IP in the server document.

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