Today’s round-up

Today is Tuesday, but it seems like Monday. Mostly, because I took a day off yesterday, but also because I’ve had problem after problem that seemed to have no simple solution:

First, there was a server that was upgraded over the weekend. For some strange reason, it had been generating false alarm HTTP probes.

The probe has timed out for the following statistic: QOS.HTTP.Pass2/Domain.PASS-5Q852E.ResponseTime

Second, a user was complaining that they received a “Mail Encryption Failure” popup box and with the error message “If you choose to continue sending, the following recipients(s) will receive an unencrypted copy of the message.” when trying to send encrypted messages.

Third, a regional admin was complaining that he didn’t have access to any of the mailboxes in a folder on a remote server.

Solution 1:

  • I compared the HTTP config with that of another server – no difference
  • I made sure that there wasn’t any local hosts file entry that had a different IP address somehow.
  • I tried opening the URL of the server with a browser, both of my desktop and the server itself. – no success
  • shutdown HTTP, shutdown ISpy
  • load http, load runjava ISpy

Solution 2:

  • The only answer to this is that they have type-ahead setup to auto complete when they address messages and have a Personal Address Book entry for a specific user. Type ahead is filling in the PAB entry which does not have a certified public key, instead of the Name and Address book entry which does have the certified public key.
  • This can occur if they have an entry in their Blackberry device that they have manually entered and have synched their contacts with the desktop using Blackberry desktop manager.
  • Asked the user to setup their client so that the ambiguous popup dialog box appears when they type an entry in the to and cc field that is not unique.

Solution 3: There were multiple problems here

  • Our mailbox admin group was listed as a person instead of a person group.
  • When “adding” that admin group by selecting all of the mailboxes in that folder using the admin client, the admin client will not give an error that the entry is already there. The admin that originally looked at this issue didn’t notice those errors.
  • By first adding the entry, and then selecting all mailboxes again and modifying that entry so that the user type was person group, we were able to ensure that all mailboxes had this group and that it was set as a person group.
  • Incidentally, we had the regional admin’s ID in the ACL of a few of them that we couldn’t update with our universal signor ID.
  • Some mailboxes had none of the admin groups, the signor ID, or the regional admin’s individual ID in the ACL, so we had to go the server and load nlnotes.exe, and access the mailbox locally to edit the ACL.
  • An hour later, all was fixed.

Thank goodness tomorrow is hump day.

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