Interesting DNS setting for notes.ini

I stumbled upon this today while looking for the notes.ini settings on specifying an IP address for a partitioned server (it’s been a long while).

Technote: 1090975
Title: Error “Unable to find path to server” with Notes or Domino on Windows 2000

* In addition to these options, the NOTES.INI variable DNSServer may be used to override Windows 2000 system name server settings. This option is provided for those System Administrators who do not wish to edit their system’s registry. To specify the name servers to be used by Domino, add the following line to your server’s NOTES.INI file:

DNSServer=IP Address, IP Address

Why you would want to override a local hosts file setting in Windows NT/2000/2003, I’m unsure. In a perfect world, of course you would always want to use DNS where possible. You would only place an entry in the local hosts file for specific cases, and that’s manual. Why would you want to override something that you’ve manually set.

Unless, what they are saying is that this will force Domino to use DNS every time instead of using the local computer name and/or local hosts file for lookups.
Example: DNSServer=,

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