How databases can suddenly dissapear

We had this case recently where a mailbox just disappeared. Upon further investigation, we found something like this in the logs:

05/12/2008 05:06:38 PM Compaction failed: Unable to bring e:\Lotus\Domino\Data\mail\someuser.nsf back online.: File does not exist
05/12/2008 05:06:38 PM Compaction failed: Unable to rename e:\Lotus\Domino\Data\mail\someuser6.TMP back to e:\Lotus\Domino\Data\mail\someuser.nsf: File is in use by another program – You must rename it yourself.

Then we found this IBM technote:

which is entitled “Databases Are Left with .TMP Extensions After Running Compact -c or -L”

After looking in the temp folder, we found the database and were able to rename the filename.

We suspect that the cause is a backup program which coincidentally is running on this database or the temp file at the same time that compact is running.

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  • Radu says:

    Be sure your db did not just disappeared. This happens only in MS world :)
    compact -c actually compacts ur dbs by creating copies. This means a copy is created and old db is deleted. If something like a backup software got in the way while you were compacting, then …. it’s not the software’s fault :)

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