nsd -kill is simply fantastic

Today while trying to load my R8 client, my client got hung.

I have been having a strange problem where when I start Notes8, it sets there trying to load what I previously had loaded, and then offers up the dialog box “Do you want to replicate data with the server?” If I say either Yes or No, Notes stops responding.

I’m not sure why this is happening, but I’ve noticed some flakiness between switching between my admin ID and my personal ID frequently, which is how I work.

NOTE: I’m already on 8.01.

So I killed the task, which is nice. In older versions of Notes this just wasn’t possible. Notes was pretty hard to kill.

I decided to go to the command line and delete cache.ndk. I couldn’t delete the file because it was in use by another process. I thought this was strange, but it would explain why when this had happened to me before, and I had simply killed the tasks, restarted Notes and got the same result. A bit annoying really, and not much in favor of Notes 8 or 8.01.

So, since I couldn’t delete the cache.ndk, I switched the program directory and issued “NSD -kill” which kills all Notes tasks and generates an NSD. I was then able to delete cache.ndk from the data directory and restart Notes.

I waited a few seconds before clicking on the “yes or no” box when it asked if I wanted to replicate data to give Notes a little time to catch up and this time it loaded fine.

I’m not sure if it was deleting the cache or if it was having a little patience. Either way, I’m in there, but the real story is that Notes has come a long way and being able to kill the tasks, and/or run NSD -Kill and be back into Notes without restarting Windows is a god send.

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