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Generating IDs with a text file.

I’m sure that most admins have been using text files to generate IDs for a long time.

I haven’t.

I sat down to register 284 users this week. It was a new process to me, so I’m going to go through the list of steps here.
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Duplicate groups in Ambiguous Name Dialogue box.

I have been getting duplicate names in the Ambiguous Name dialogue box when addressing a message.

I’ve got my personal NAB, a local replica of our NAB, and a local dc.nsf on my machine. All of them are listed in the NAMES= line of my notes.ini.

I could not explain why the groups would appear this way. One group would have a mail domain and one group wouldn’t. One group would contain the members if you showed the member list, and one group looked like it was condensed (probably from the dc.nsf).

One of the guys on my team found this post.

We added our Domino domain name to the “Mail Domain” field in the group document and all was fixed, no problems when an Internet user send a message to the group, and no duplicate entries in the Ambiguous Name dialog box.

Disabling “optional network drivers” Lan0, Com1, Com3

For a very long time, the “Optional Network Drivers” that Lotus forces you to install has been a very big thorn in my side.

Who uses anything besides TCPIP anymore?

I always disable any non TCPIP ports after install as it complicates Notes configuration for desktop support people, complicates location document creation, and I had one user once who had all the default ports enabled. He also had some network drives permanently mapped. When he was at a site that could not see the network mapped drives, and he would save an attachment, Notes would freeze.

After some study, I realized that Notes was trying to build the list of places to store the attachment for explorer and searching every possible port to map those drives.

I disabled everything except TCPIP for the guy and tried the same process. The guy thought I was Santa Claus and that he’d just received the best Christmas gift ever. The attachment save dialog window instantly opened and presented a local directory.

I’ve tried several ways to get around this on install (and there is no way to disable the ports by policies).
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Program doc in PAB hidden (“policies”) view

While troubleshooting yesterday, I displayed all of the hidden views in a Personal Adddress Book (PAB) on a user’s laptop. You can view all hidden views by selecting CTRL+SHIFT and then click on the workspace icon to open the database.

I noticed several familiar NAB views. I had never viewed all of the hidden PAB views before. What a surprise. Who would have thought.

I then noticed that this user had a program document. What??

I found this on the Lotus Notes 6 and 7 discussion forum. Check it out.

Drop all after changing policies

This is a simple, but effective tip. Any time you change your policies, make sure that your changes have replicated across all servers.

You should then issue “Drop All” at the server console. Any active clients will automatically re-connect to the server forcing them to authenticate, and thus pulling down the new policies.


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