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Why does the “Notes floats my boat” ad on PL look so much better than the actual downloads at Maysoft?

Whoever did the graphic design for the “Notes floats my boat” ad that appears on the front page of did a great job. It looks great. Very web 2.0 glassy look to the ad.

I can’t say the same for the free download wallpapers that are on Maysoft.

They look like we are back in 1996, and the wallpapers remind me of the boxes that Lotus Notes R4 media used to come in.

Watch your health and overtime in 09.

This article really hits home for alot of us IT people. As someone who has felt the symptoms of work related stress due to too much overtime and witnessed co-workers go through a burnout phase, I take stuff like this very serious.

Remember to get regular exercise, gauge how much overtime you are working, find a good family work life balance, and try to have an open dialogue to discuss any issues you have with your manager.

Here’s the BBC Story Link: Downturn ‘fuels unpaid overtime’

Here’s a quote from the story.

Employers should never forget that each extra hour worked makes people less productive

Brendan Barber
TUC general secretary

Smashing: The more thoroughly the better

I found this story on how fraudsters steal information from recovered files on second hand computers pretty surprising. The digital realm is offering so many ways for fraud, and so many non-tech people are oblivious to it.

Here’s the BBC Story Link: Hard drive destruction ‘crucial’

The best part was where it states that you should hammer your hard drive to be 100% sure with detailed steps on how to do it including “Smashing: The more thoroughly the better.”

What is your ideajam average?

I was looking at all of my idea posts today. I decided to make an average.

I have 17 idea posts, with the following votes:
18, 16, 27, 29, 15, 4, 25, -16, 26, -5, 31, 26, 4, 1, 30, 46, and 31
Total Votes= 308
308 / 17 = My Ideajam Average 18.12

Make tasks alphabetical on the server console when issuing “Show tasks”

Here’s a link to my latest idea.

Make tasks alphabetical on the server console when issuing “Show tasks”

note: I can’t publish the script to add the idea to my blog because I’m running mod_security apache module on my webserver.

Any tips on how to post script / code into blog posts with mod_security without compromising security or manually disabling mod_security just so I can post are greatly welcomed.


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