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how to re-route all of your mail through another hub server

We have two hub servers in our environment that are clustered.

We use these as replication hubs to all of our spokes (local and remote sites). Additionally, these act as sort of a mail hub since all of our remotes sites are not directly connected to our home office site. Lastly, they also serve as outbound SMTP gateways.

Any mail that is sent from Chile to a user in Spain gets routed through Hong Kong since their is not a direct connection from Chile to Spain.

All servers in each site are in their own NNN (Notes Named Network). The Hong Kong site servers are in their own NNN. The hubs are in their own NNN.

This allows us to route mail through Hong Kong where necessary using mail connection documents. Read the rest of this entry »

Cluster Replication

Today while setting up a replication connection between some busy hubs that provide webmail access, route outbound SMTP traffic, and replicate databases, plus are named as the home server for some databases – both clustered
…to a new remote server cluster in America that serves as a mail server, and soon to be webmail server.

I was trying to increase the efficiency of the replication between the busy hubs, the slow network connection, and the remote mail server, so that mailbox replication would be as fast as possible.

The current webmail server is located on the hubs for these remote mail servers (a trick through DNS and the webmail redirect).


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