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Refresh/Replace design smart icons

This is a little simple tip, but one that could save admins time when trying to get all their users up to the same mail template in a mixed mail template environment.

Since you cannot refresh or replace design through the admin client, here are a couple of formulas you can add as smart icons to your toolbar.

@Command([DesignRefresh]) or @Command([DesignReplace])

Using a smart icon reduces the number of clicks necessary to about 3 instead of 7.

Which database replicas are related to names.nsf replica ID

I found this post from Michael Brown rather useful.

I’ve known about this for a very long time, but it’s good to see someone discuss it again and provide an IBM Technote 1099635 on it.

Search in results saves lots of time combing your logs.

I don’t know if this is new in 7.0x or was always there in 6.5, but I’ve just discovered “Search in results” tick box under the “more” settings when searching within a view.

How many times have you poured through your logs searching for when a compact job finishes, or looking for a mail message id, or some other particular incident?

I generally do not full text index my server logs, but do use the “Search This View” under the View menu which brings up the familiar search query bar above the view that is present when a database is full text indexed.
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compact -S works…sometimes.

I’ve recently stumbled upon using compact -S5 in our weekly Saturday compact program document.

Like most shops, we run Fixup on Fridays and then Compact on Saturdays on all databases.

We found that a couple of servers that have about 400GB worth of mailboxes were not finishing their compact jobs. The compact was taking somewhere in the range of 36 to 48 hours. We weren’t sure how long it was taking because we had to shut it down on Monday morning when people got into the office and starting trying to access their databases.

I found the -S switch which will compact only database which will only compact databases with more white space than you specify in the . Read the rest of this entry »

Generating IDs with a text file.

I’m sure that most admins have been using text files to generate IDs for a long time.

I haven’t.

I sat down to register 284 users this week. It was a new process to me, so I’m going to go through the list of steps here.
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